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Dark Flame Kings is always recruiting
Welcome here are the top 10 rules for our clan. 10. if a member needs help if possible help them. 9.we dont go around picking fights we defend ourselves. 8. we dont go around inviting anyone we fight with them for weaker people we help them train. 7. WE ARE NOT A WARING CLAN!!!! WE DO WAR BUT NOT 24/7!! 6. we always help one another train or with quest. 5. we are usually a peaceful clan we do have members who are not. if u have issues with one member talk  to neginata5533 demi god 171 or rivana5. 4.  dont ask to be ranked you wont be ranked. 3. always listen to admin+. 2. if u dont like cape ask neginata5533 or rivana5 to change it. 1. YOU CANT BE PUT IN ADMIN RANK UNLESS U WORK FOR IT!!!

Members: 25 (they will be updated once a week)

owner: neginata5533
dep owners: rivana5 demi-god171 brainkadarva yamatara theonlysoul

general: goldman cat6 killingu6

ranking: we do have a ranking system based on  combat lvl (dep leaders and admins dont count in rank system)

1-19 = recruit
20-29 = corporal
30-39 = Sergent
40-59 = captain
60+= general
100+ or you interact with clan a lot = admin
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